Two Coins for the Ferryman



Your Journey is about to begin...

Two Coins for the Ferryman is an immersive theatrical experience that will send six audience members on individual quests through the Greek underworld. Each audience member will take on the identity of a hero from Greek mythology - Orpheus, Persephone, Odysseus, Aeneas, Hercules or Psyche - each led by their personal objective through a series of bizarre and magical rooms.

Six independent and interweaving storylines will take these heroes on a journey where they will meet a rich cast of underworld characters. They may find themselves talking with the Fates, crossing the river Styx, searching Persephone’s makeup table or eating six pomegranate seeds. With a mix of traditional storytelling, physical theater and and immersive spatial puzzles, this ambitious new work will tell six unique stories of life and death, love, loss, black magic, and overcoming the impossible.