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The Bacchae: For Madwomen Only, premiered in Tilden Park during the Summer of 2017. Translated and adapted by Madison Wetzell and directed by Akaina Ghosh, this immersive and sight-specific interpretation of Euripides' play received high praise from audience members and sold out within the first 72 hours of opening. 

In our production of The Bacchae, the audience was divided into two groups. One group experienced Euripides' traditional narrative from the perspective of the male rulers of Thebes, while the other followed the Bacchae, the madwomen, into a grove of trees and took part in a historically researched Bacchic initiation rite. Allowing moments for each space to overhear the other, we gave the audience an awareness that their narrative was not the only one taking place -- that there was a world beyond that which they were seeing, and that they were limited in their judgement of the events taking place before them. The two worlds reunite at the conclusion of the play, but each group witnesses these final moments with an entirely different perspective. Liar Liar continues to develop works that re-examine narratives from the past while revolutionizing the theatrical experience.


Jane Eisner, Ben Elie, Fenner, Indigo Jackson, Anna Kritikos, Jacob Ritts, Puja Tolton, and Margherita Ventura